Top 10 The Weeknd’s Best Songs

When The Weeknd released his debut mixtape, “House of Balloons”, it brought him instant recognition. His elusive personality mixed with his airy and genre-defying sound brought something fresh that people had never heard before. His mysterious persona mixed with his airy and genre-defying sound was unlike anything anyone had heard. In the years since that project, he has gone on to become a success all over the world.

Even though The Weeknd’s sound has evolved a bit since the beginning of his career, he still makes music that will leave you in a trance. Even if you don’t listen to him religiously, there are probably a few songs that you know very well. Let’s get into our 10 best The Weeknd songs of all time.

10. Starboy

9. I Feel It Coming

8. Die For You

7. Earned It

6. Often

5. Heartless

4. Coming Down

3. The Zone

2. The Party & The After Party

1. Wicked Games


Have you heard all these The Weeknd songs? Which one do you like the most? Find more amazing articles about The Weeknd at our blog here

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