How The Weeknd Became The Most Incongruous Popstar in the World

If you’re a music lover and haven’t heard of The Weeknd, then you’re probably living under a rock. This enigmatic R&B singer has been breaking records left and right since he burst onto the scene in 2011, with songs like “Wicked Games” and “Kiss Land” becoming huge hits. So, how did this unlikely popstar become the most unlikely superstar in the world? Read on to find out! Here is The Weeknd’s path to stardom as a pop musician.

1. He got his start by releasing music anonymously online

Abel posted a couple of tracks to YouTube in 2010 using an alias. He put his music online using the moniker “The Weeknd,” which would go on to become his claim to fame. Everyone from Drake to the New York Times took notice of the tracks that he and producer Jeremy Rose came up with. For the early part of his career, Abel remained anonymous.


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2. He self-released his debut mixtape

The Weeknd took his career into his own hands from the very beginning. He self-released his debut mixtape, House of Balloons, in 2011. He worked with several influential producers in Canada and then embarked on a tour of the local area. Drake was in attendance at his first appearance, and the two worked together soon after.maxresdefault 1 - The Weeknd Store

3. He broke into mainstream radio with a number one single

The Weekend continued to produce hit songs over the years, making history by holding the top three positions on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart simultaneously for the first time ever by a male performer. He gave performances at a number of significant music festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza.

With “Starboy,” The Weeknd made a significant entry into mainstream Top 40 radio. The Weeknd became one of the most talked-about artists of the summer thanks to this single off his third studio album of the same name. His music and the publicized nature of his relationship with singer Selena Gomez keep him in the public eye.

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The Weeknd is one of the biggest current stars in popular music. He rose from online anonymity to Top 40 hits by maintaining control of his own career.

The Weeknd’s meteoric rise to the top of the pop charts has been nothing short of incredible. From obscure beginnings as a Toronto singer-songwriter to one of the most in-demand performers on the planet, The Weeknd has defied all expectations and continued to amaze with each new release. How did this contrary artist manage to achieve such unprecedented success? In this article, we explore some of The Weeknd’s unique marketing strategies and how they’ve helped him become one of the most popular musicians in history.

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