According to The Weeknd, he frequently watches YouTube channels like FGTeeV, Call Her Daddy, Corpse Husband, Mr. Beast, or Bad Friends when he is at home

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known for his unique voice, experimental music, and chart-topping hits. However, what many may not know about him is that he is an avid YouTube viewer. According to his recent interview with GQ magazine, The Weeknd revealed that he frequently watches popular YouTube channels like FGTeeV, Call Her Daddy, Corpse Husband, Mr. Beast, and Bad Friends when he is at home. This revelation has sparked curiosity among his fans, as they wonder what draws The Weeknd to these channels and what he finds interesting in their content.

According to The Weeknd, he frequently watches YouTube channels like FGTeeV, Call Her Daddy, Corpse Husband, Mr. Beast, or Bad Friends when he is at home

One of the most successful and well-liked musicians of the last ten years, The Weeknd, has admitted that he enjoys watching a variety of YouTube channels when he is at home. The Canadian singer-songwriter reportedly revealed in a recent interview with GQ Magazine that he frequently watches channels like FGTeeV, Call Her Daddy, Corpse Husband, Mr. Beast, and Bad Friends.

The family-friendly gaming channel FGTeeV offers entertaining and humorous programming for both kids and adults. On the other hand, Alexandra Cooper is the host of the podcast Call Her Daddy, which covers sex, relationships, and personal experiences. A well-known YouTuber by the name of Corpse Husband is well-known for both his horror-themed videos and his deep, eerie voice. Mr. Beast is a charitable YouTuber known for his extensive and frequently amusing challenges, freebies, and stunts. The comedians Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee present a podcast called Bad Friends that discusses a variety of subjects, including their personal lives, current affairs, and pop culture.

The Weeknd has a diverse taste in YouTube channels, which is a reflection of his broad interests and curiosity. Despite being a well-known singer worldwide, The Weeknd appears to enjoy consuming varied and unique entertainment. Given that he has already mentioned his appreciation for documentaries, it is obvious that he places a high priority on both education and entertainment.

It’s not unusual to see celebrities and public figures using platforms like YouTube to stay in touch with their audience and keep themselves engaged in today’s world when social media and digital content reign supreme. The Weeknd’s interest in YouTube channels illustrates that even the most famous people are susceptible to the allure of digital content and that they also like binge-watching their favorite channels when they have some free time.

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